adrien substituted a shirt for a carpet of chest hair to complete this amorphous blob of khaki number

This outfit is a very chic and casual “I gave a shit until I was putting on my pants, when I gave up and found the first pair of jeans that happened to be laying on the floor and I didn’t even bother with my hair.”

Cannes is the most wonderful time of the year because Adrien will always be there, regardless of if he is wanted or not, and this year is no exception.

Here he is with his girlfriend at some yacht party, wearing a jacket he probably stole from a Bratz doll circa 2001 and a scarf that he probably made out of a Motel 6 bedspread.

A few semesters ago, I took a history class where this one guy would always wear a hat with a feather in it and a leather trench coat, not dissimilar to the jacket Adrien is sporting here. I assume that everyone has had a class with That Guy.

My point here is that Adrien is about two Monster energy drinks from becoming That Guy.

i apologize for being MIA lately btw

so adrien wore this jazzy burgundy number at the premiere of the grand budapest hotel and it appears that all the blood has left his face and soaked into his shiny suit, further cementing his transformation into gary oldman’s dracula

this picture looks like every single “comedic” family portrait you are forced to do to humor your dying grandfather; in this scenario, Adrien is the dying grandfather, and Mila Kunis is his unimpressed granddaughter who is trying to force herself to smile and can’t quite make it reach her eyes.

Adrien wore this little number for the photo call for The Third Person at TIFF. The outfit is rather disappointing (the jacket is subdued, the pants seem to be normal black trousers and there isn’t a chihuahua accessory in sight) but he does appear to be channeling the “stock European henchman in a shitty action film probably starring Mark Wahlberg” look to great effect. (Either “stock European henchman in a shitty action film starring Mark Wahlberg” or “the disappointing heir to a large inheritance who causes his mob boss father great shame in some shitty mob film probably starring one of the Hemsworth brothers.”)

if it were anyone else, I would say that the 90s were at fault with this outfit but I feel like Adrien would happily wear it today. And with his track record, he would probably wear it to a major film festival.

soul patch, silk vest, fingerless gloves, no shame.